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It is not without reason that you choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS). You strive for the best possible performance and therefore do not want to share important resources with other websites. But which VPS hosting provider or package should you choose? These are the criteria that are important when comparing VPS hosting:


Of course you always have a preference for the cheapest VPS. But let's be honest: this is often not the best VPS. It is therefore better to look at the price in relation to the quality. Quality is reflected in multiple ways, including in the customer service of a hosting provider. Logically, you pay a little more for good service. These are the other quality aspects against which you can compare providers and VPS servers:

Number of CPUs

The number of CPUs in your server is very important for its performance. After all, each CPU represents a certain amount of raw computing power. Where our KVM VPS X1 package For example, if you offer a server with 1 Intel Xeon Hexa Core processor, you benefit from the X4 and X6 package of 2 and 3 powerful processors respectively. This means that the computing power with our more expensive packages is considerably higher and that your website performance increases accordingly.


Memory is just as important as processor power in a VPS server. It is especially important that no Out Of Memory situation arises, so that your website continues to perform stable at all times. Especially for websites with many visitors, demanding applications or high peak loads, more memory is required. With our X1, X4 and X6 packages you are assured of 1024 MB, 4096 MB and 6144 MB of memory respectively. Compare these specifications carefully before making a final choice; the X4 package is in most cases a safe choice in terms of memory.

Disk (speed and space)

The disk is also an important part of your VPS server. This applies, among other things, to the type of disk that is used: SSD offers by far the best speed performance. At Xitens, we therefore only work with enterprise SSD in RAID 10 configuration with cache and backup battery for our VPS hosting. But don't forget that disk space also plays a role. With the X1, X4 and X6 package, you get 50 GB, 150 GB and 200 GB SSD disk space respectively. Not sure what your website needs? Then let us give you tailor-made advice.

Data traffic limit

Tailor-made advice is also advisable if you have doubts about the amount of data traffic required. One website generates more data traffic than another and this is mainly related to the number of website visitors. The more daily visitors, the higher the data traffic. The limits are relatively high for the price of our VPS hosting at Xitens with 1000 GB, 5000 GB and 8000 GB respectively with our X1, X4 and X6 package. Does comparing our VPS packages give you more questions than answers? Do not hesitate and ask us for advice without any obligation. We are happy to help you!