What requirements should a cheap VPS meet?

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The fact is: an SSD VPS server simply costs you more than shared web hosting. Even if you can find a relatively affordable VPS provider such as Xitens. But a low price should not come at the expense of the quality of your VPS. That is why we list the 5 most important criteria for cheap VPS hosting for you below:


Your website is all about the user experience of visitors. Does your site look outdated? Then you lose a lot of potential fans. And is the loading time extremely long? Then forget it: just about everyone will drop out. A fast site is therefore an absolute must to achieve online success in 2018. Especially with the large rise of mobile devices (more than half of the visitors come from mobile!). A fast SSD VPS from Xitens is the solution and ensures the very best speed performance.


We described above the disaster scenario of a high loading time. But it can always be worse: a website that does not load at all. At Xitens we find such a scenario unacceptable. After all, we know that it costs your customers. Our cheap VPS servers therefore distinguish themselves with an excellent reliability that is reflected in a very high uptime. And in exceptional cases, is the server offline for a very short time? Then our support department will be there to solve the problem and inform you.


More and more news reports appear in the media about websites that have been hacked. Two vulnerabilities are often at the root of this: simple passwords and outdated server software. You can prevent the first problem yourself, we will do that for the second problem. At Xitens you have every opportunity to install the latest software versions with a few mouse clicks. Do you have any questions about this? Then we are happy to assist you with our advice. We are happy to prove that affordable VPS hosting and good service can go very well together!


Developments are progressing very fast on the internet. The trendy Content Management System of today will be outdated tomorrow and the same applies to that trendy web shop software. At Xitens we understand that you want to be able to respond quickly to new trends. We therefore offer you numerous free scripts (included in our cheap prices!) And ensure maximum flexibility if you have your own VPS SSD server. You can start, stop and (re) install your server at any time via the handy SolusVM control panel. Moreover, you do not share your resources with other sites and you have almost complete control over your installation.


Do the above 4 criteria make Xitens the best VPS hosting party in the Netherlands? We would like to add one more criterion to this list: service. In our view, this is perhaps the most important condition for offering high-quality VPS hosting. Certainly within the affordable price segment, good customer service is not self-evident. It is at Xitens. Would you like more information about our services or do you have a question about your own VPS server? Do not hesitate and test our service immediately via the contact form.