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From € 10.00

  • CPU Cores
  • Up to 6 Intel Xeon
  • SSD Storage
  • Up to 400GB
  • Data traffic
  • Up to 50 Terabytes

Dedicated Server

From € 65.00

  • CPU Cores
  • Up to 20 Intel Xeon
  • Hard disks
  • Up to 12 SSD or SATA
  • Data traffic
  • Up to 1000 Terabytes

Web hosting

From € 1.00

  • SSD Disk space
  • Up to 10GB
  • Data traffic
  • Up to Unlimited
  • Domains
  • Up to 6

Domain names

From € 8.75

  • Domain extensions
  • 100+
  • Popular extensions
  • .nl .be .com .net and more
  • DNS
  • Full DNS management


From € 19.99

  • Secure connection
  • Recognizable by the lock
  • Fast delivery
  • In front of
  • Companies & Webshops


vps,dedicated server,webhosting,domeinnamen,ssl, Home

Hosting products for every need

Our products are varied and fully scalable.
For both business and private individuals. We arrange it all for you.

vps,dedicated server,webhosting,domeinnamen,ssl, Home

Safe & reliable

All your data is stored in our Tier 3 datacenters in the Netherlands.
24/7 security staff present. Site full CCTV coverage and monitoring. Automated alarm systems and SmartCard access control.

vps,dedicated server,webhosting,domeinnamen,ssl, Home

Fantastic support

Our enthusiastic team has more than 25 years of experience. This allows us to provide you with the best support.

vps,dedicated server,webhosting,domeinnamen,ssl, Home

Enterprise hardware

We only use the best Enterprise hardware and software.
With this we provide you with the very best hosting products.


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